29 is the name of the new project of Yannick Barman, which can be solo played or in duet (29remix).

All the compositions are written at first on score, then realized only from trumpet's sounds, sampled and transformed, then edited, to extract a new sound potential from the trumpet.

This approach also allows to keep a physical, intimate relationship with the sound, while evolving in a digital universe.

The copper, naturally present in the ground layer, essential in the development of any form of life, present also in the alloy used for the manufacturing of a trumpet, is the source of inspiration. So, the trumpet is on the base of the used sound material. This material owes possess the ductility of this metal, being allowed stretch and twist, allowing to obtain an infinity of textures, forms.

" The electronic distortion of the sound provokes physical acoustic phenomena, which I can call dislocation. In that case, I can name the way of processing these phenomena, dynamic restoration and dynamic recrystallization. "


released May 28, 2012
yannick barman; trumpet, computer, composition



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